What Makes Tea So Good For You?

From the very beginning, tea was brewed to promote peace and serenity. Buddhist monks used it for meditation and to promote spirituality. At the time they did not understand why it made them feel better but now we do. One of the main health benefits of tea is that it controls angiotensin and helps lower blood pressure Check this out.

There are a number of other health benefits that come with drinking tea. Tea is filled with powerful antioxidants that can offer protection from diseases like cancer, high cholesterol and diabetes. The antioxidants in tea come from flavanoids contained in the leaves of the plants. These flavanoids are the same as the ones provided in other fruits and vegetables, they are just more abundant.

There are several different types of tea and each come with their own particular health benefits. Green tea has been shown to be very beneficial in reducing bad cholesterol. LDL levels fall with use of green tea while HDL levels (the good cholesterol) rise. Green tea has also been shown to help prevent cancer cell growth. The herbs in the green tea according to research are able to eliminate cancer cells without harming healthy ones. Green teas are steamed and are able to retain their powerful antioxidants.

Black tea which isn’t as common as green tea has been shown to contain powerful antioxidants as well. There is not as much research on the health benefits of black tea but it too has been found to slow down cancer cell growth. There are also those who believe that black tea can slow down the aging process. A number of the anti-aging creams sold today contain extracts of black tea leaves. Black tea is also beneficial because it can speed up your metabolism which can be a great aid to someone on a weight loss program.

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